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Many people do not want to think about writing a Will and dying. Unfortunately, by doing so, they also choose to forget the significant consequences of their actions on those who will survive them.


Deceased Estates

An estate includes everything you own (real property or personal property) as well as any liabilities. If you are married in community of property, you and your spouse each own half of an undivided joint estate. It cannot be separated. If you have a Will you can direct how your assets are to be distributed among specific beneficiaries.



We strive to protect and grow the assets and wealth of our clients in the unfortunate event of death. We will continue to protect and grow the inheritance of our clients' loved ones, thereby ensuring the wealth and legacy of the next generation.


It is business as usual at Efficient Board of Executors. Certain aspects are still hampered because of our dependence on the Master’s office, Deeds office and certain services which are not fully functional yet. Be assured of our continued efforts to deliver our usual service of excellence.

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We would like to bring to your attention that South Africa’s Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DOJ & CD) faced an extensive ransomware attack on 06/09/2021. This security breach interrupted all of their information technology (IT) systems and encrypted all of the information systems provided by the DOJ & CD. The attack made all electronic services, including e-mail and their website, unavailable to internal employees and to the public.
Even though government IT personnel are working tirelessly to get the systems back online, they cannot provide a timeline for the resolution of this immense problem. This malicious act is far-reaching and is affecting the courts, maintenance payments, and the Master’s Office portal, to name but a few. All government officials’ e-mails are offline and all electronic files stored on their servers have been encrypted and thus cannot be accessed. Since the attack, officials have been unreachable and their systems unavailable.
We are also directly affected by the impact that this had on the Master’s Office in that, among others, letters of executorship and authority cannot be issued, and communications are blocked. This has an enormous and adverse influence on the execution of client requests and the appointment of an executor if their details cannot be verified.
Thank you for your understanding and patience as this will largely affect our service delivery and speed, and will negatively impact our clients’ experience.


The ultimate solution in
asset protection

One of the core, but often neglected, aspects of financial planning entails the development of a comprehensive estate plan. In certain instances this could be as simple as ensuring that your last Will and Testament is adequately structured to cater for the future needs of your family, whereas in other instances, significantly more complex structuring is required during your lifetime. Efficient BOE is your access to extensive expertise and capabilities in fiduciary services, enabling you to create an estate plan to cater to your specific and ever changing needs and circumstances.

Efficient Board of Executors (EFBOE) always subscribes to FISA’s mission and operating philosophy, upholding the integrity and honour of its profession.

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